Chihuahuas R Us

It’s no secret to my staff that Chihuahuas are not my most favorite breed. Now before the condemnations start rolling in, keep in mind that I had never met a Chihuahua until I opened Spay Neuter Charlotte opened in late 2011. Candidly, interacting with them in a veterinary setting can be difficult and admittedly is probably not the best way to see how Chihuahuas normally interact with others. I have no doubts there are hundreds of Chihuahua that are perfectly loving and affectionate with their owners but Spay Neuter Charlotte does not bring out the best in their natures.

That said, today was a game changer. This morning Daryl Wagner from FurBabies Animal Rescue (one of the best animal rescue organizations in the region) brought nine Chihuahuas (out of the 12 she rescued) to our Pineville clinic rescued from a breeder/hoarder somewhere in Charlotte. There were forty Chihuahuas on the property living in horrific conditions and they were terribly neglected. You might expect given where they had come from that they would be fearful (they were) and would lash out at strangers. There wasn’t an aggressive one in the bunch. All of them were incredibly sweet tempered and surprisingly affectionate. They won all of us over in about half a second.

The fixes and rabies vaccines will be paid for with assistance from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control. We are donating the rest of the services because we want to make sure all that they get the best care. I am sure that Daryl will place them with them in great homes and they will all have the “happily furever after” that they deserve.

#Imachihuahualovernow #newchihuahuafan. #chihuahuasareus

– Cary, Executive Director

Our vet tech Haley (left) and Daryl (right) holding some of the rescued Chihuahuas.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
While the Chihuahuas were frightened they were sweet as can be. As you can see she barely weighs 5 pounds!
All 9 of the Chihuahuas fixed today at our Pineville Clinic could fit in one crate!



2 thoughts on “Chihuahuas R Us”

  1. So glad they have been rescued. They really are a very affectionate breed. They just have little man syndrome sometimes!


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