One of our favorite clients intended to bring in her newest rescue to be fixed this morning but surprise, Ms. Ellie gave birth to two (we think another might be on the way) puppies in her car on the way over.

Then we were all faced with a difficult decision. Should we euthanize the puppies? No doubt you are horrified but this is an issue we face everyday. There are already so many homeless animals in our community. Should we add three more to the burden? Horrible, horrible choices.

I couldn’t do it. It’s one thing to euthanzie unborn puppies and kittens quite another when they are already in the world. So, the consequence. WE NEED HOMES FOR THEM!! PLEASE HELP US!!

I wasn’t able to take a very good picture this morning but if you look closely on our facebook page you can tell that they are itty bitty right now. In six to eight weeks they should be old enough to be weaned from their momma. She was a jack russell terrier mix. Not very large.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a puppy please contact us 704 375 2009 or email us at

You can tell a prospective owner that we will donate the first year of puppy vaccinations and underwrite the cost of getting them fixed when they are old enough.

I think we might have 3 new mascots!!!

-Cary Bernstein, Executive Director


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